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Newbie... I DO Rp...however, I am posting right now to introduce myself and a story I wrote....

I am new, and I do RP over yahoo... under the username the_dark_cloaked_severus_snape, if any are interested. I'm usually very flexible, but I don't one-line, nor do I appreciate one or two words in response to a paragraph or two post. I'll RP out angst/smut/fluff whatever. There is no set time I am on yahoo messanger. I'm on it sporadically throughout the day and night.

But, anyway, I saw in the user info that fan-fiction was allowed, so I wanted to post my own as a kind of newbie gift to the community! So to speak. Heh...

The story behind the cut goes out to anyone who likes an "evil" Severus Snape. A warning first, before you proceed. It contains rape, graphic and cruel. Not for the faint of heart! Also featuring Lucius Malfoy!

Summary: A muggle woman is kidnapped by Death Eaters to be the 'entertainment' at one of their Dark Revels.

Of course I own nothing in regards to Harry Potter and that world, that belongs to J.K. Rowling. I merely enjoy wandering through now and then.

By Ami E. Bowen

She was lost. Utterly and hopelessly lost. It was her first time abroad and everything was frightening and new. It was chilly and the evening had grown damp with fog, obscuring her sight for more than a few inches in front of her face. The street she had crossed over onto was nearly empty save for a the bark of a stray dog. The sound caused her to jump within her skin. A police siren went off somewhere in the distance, eerie in the otherwise stillness. She wore nothing that would have allowed her to tell the time, but she knew it was late. She was walking through a residental neighborhood and knew most people were probably asleep at this hour. Her long, dark skirt brushing against her calves as she walked, she held her pocketbook close to her side. Drawing her knee-length, tan wool coat tighter about her rounded shoulders, she pulled the hood up to cover her dark auburn hair, hoping it would help to keep her ears somewhat warm.

Passing by a darkened alleyway, an unexplainable chill crept up her spine. Shivering, she glanced once into the dimness and continued onwards. Or, she would have, had a shadow not lunged forward to cease her movement. Before she could cry out, strong arms were wrapped about her from behind and a cold voice whispered into her ear, "Keep silent...if you know what is good for you..." Her large blue eyes widening with fear as all manner of horrible possibilties flashed through her mind. She felt a strange sensation and must have blacked out. She awoke to something tap-tap-tapping the side of her face, none too gently. She opened her eyes, slowly, and wondered at the odd angle of the world. A voice issued from above her, "Ah, so the muggle bitch is awake," Muggle? She thought, blearily, what's a muggle? She shook her head and tried to sit up. After the realization that she was bound, hand and foot, trussed up like a hog awaiting market, she began to scream.

The cool earth beneath her told her, when she'd first opened her eyes, that she was outside still. She saw the criss-crossing shadows of tree limbs, leaves rustling in the night breeze, and knew that they were within a forest somewhere. An old forest by the looks of some of the nearby trees. However, the fog seemed held at bay. Lanturns suspended in midair... midair? She blinked and thought she was seeing things, cast as soft glow about the area. She was able to see the looming shadows of a group of black-clad people standing in a circle around her, dark hoods pulled over their faces. Still she felt their eyes watching her and felt exposed to their view. She wriggled upon the ground and tried to free herself. It was no use. No use at all.

"Master," another voice spoke, "Won't it be intertaining to hear her beg for mercy?"

She couldn't see who the person was speaking to, but an icy voice carved through the night in reply, "Indeed...It will be...most...intertaining." After another strange word was uttered, she found her voice had returned, "Now, muggle, beg for our...mercy." She heard the cruel amusement in his tone and trembled in spite of herself, "Let me go, you weird freaks!" she screamed, in spite of her better judgement. She heard footfalls, soft, delebrate, behind her and abruptly she felt someone jerking her head upwards by her hair, speaking against her ear, "That will be enough of that..." he said, softly, and slapped her gently across the face, a blow meant to humilate rather than hurt. She cringed away and he released her hair, her scalp burning.

She felt herself being yanked to her feet, so quickly that vertigo set in for a moment and she risked fainting. A sharper slap across her face stopped that nonsense right away and she was released of her bonds. For half a moment the thought of making a break for it crossed her mind. However, that same icy voice as earlier wrapped about her half-formed plan and strangled it, "I would not attempt to flee if I were you," he said, chuckling with sadistic menence, "You would not get far, let me assure you of that."

"W-what do you want?" she asked, near tears and scared out of her wits. The black-clad circle had grown nearer, boxing her in their center. There would be no escape. They knew this else they would never have freed her from the ropes that had been cutting painfully into the flesh of her wrists and
ankles. "Please...let me go...!"

"In time," she was answered, "As for what we want, well, you an intelligent woman...I would hope...even if you are a muggle and a yank," he said this last with no small amount of disgust. As if being a muggle, whatever that was, was bad enough, but worse if you added the fact that she was from America. She didn't much like such bigotry, but then, she didn't much like what was happening either. "Merely do everything we tell you to do. That is all we want." She trembled in the circle's center, facing the man who was speaking. She couldn't see his face, as his own hood was pulled upwards to hide his features and he was drawn back into deep shadows. However, she did glimpse two beadlike, crimson eyes.

"Master, should we not just use the Imperio Curse?"

"Not this time..." came the reply, "It's much more...entertaining...when they try to fight... "
With a wave of a pale, skeletal hand, the group's obvious leader said, "Let this night's...festivities...begin!"

With a single motion, the circle reached upwards and drew back their hoods. She wasn't stupid. She'd seen enough crime dramas on television to realize what this meant for the hapless victim. She'd seen their faces, they would kill her afterwards. She couldn't stop her shaking, the pounding of her heart. This was like something out of a nightmare. "Remove your clothing," The order came from a man with peircing gray eyes set into a well-defined, aristrocratic face. White-blonde hair, brushed back from a high forehead, cascaded from the confines of his pulled-back hood. The darkness of his clothing only seemed to enhance the paleness of his features and hair. It was clear that their leader had chosen to stay silent and observe his followers, allowing them to take the reins. "What are you waiting for, muggle, a ruddy invitiation? I gave you an order and I expect it to be obeyed!"

Crude laughter caressed her from all sides and she raised her hands to push her overcoat from her shoulders. She heard the garment land near her feet. With shaking fingers she struggled to undo the first button on her blouse. She was chilled without her coat and her nipples were hardening, clearly visable poking against the fabric of the white blouse she wore. "P-please...don't do this..." she cried, somehow not able to pull the button through the loop. She was crying in earnest now, sobbing and shaking, stuggling with the buttons of her blouse. She'd released two...then three...the fourth one was the hardest. Not only was she trembling like a leave about to fall, her fingers were numb from the cold. She knew what they had planned for her and wished to delay it as much as possible. However, she also knew that doing so would only anger them and cause her torment to be far worse. Still, she couldn't seem to get that last button!

"Would you like some assistance?" the blond-haired man asked in an almost considerate tone, as if he were asking her if she would take milk with her tea, "We are wasting time, with your ineptness..."

"You always were the impatient type, Malfoy, " came a hushed, sarcastic tone from behind her. She turned to see a man with pallid features, lanky, dark greasy-looking hair with a mouth like a knife slashed cruelly across his visage. That mouth was drawn back into a mixture of loathing and amusment at the moment; smirking in such a way as to make her not want anything to do with him. He did not cast those obsidian eyes upon her, however, but upon the man he'd addressed as 'Malfoy'.

Her fear for her life had just grown a hundred fold. They did not seem to care if she saw their features or knew their names. The man whose eyes she would rather avoid, raised his hand, and she saw he held what appeared to be a...wand? Was it a wand? She didn't know, only, that...she felt this is what it must be like to find oneself going insane, and uttered something under his breath. She found herself devoid of her clothing and bit back a startled cry of alarm. She was dressed, save for her blouse partway ajar, a moment ago, hadn't she been? She reached up to cover her bare breasts, moving in place to try and hide herself.

"And I am the impatient type?" Malfoy asked, raising a thin brow, "I was rather enjoying watching her struggle to remove her clothing. It's been awhile since I've witnessed a good striptease, Snape."

"Doesn't your wife satify that...urge...for you, Lucius?" Snape asked, sardonically, "I could always recloth her and allow her to continue. However, from what we've witnessed, the night would pass before she got to the first button on her skirt."

The circle closed in now, coming nearer and nearer. She spun around, not able to move more than a few feet, and dropped her knees, a scream ripped from her throat as they decended upon her, laughing, cruelly, grasping her arms and legs to force her down upon the cold earth. She shook her head, trying to deny what was happening. "'t do this...don't do this...please...." the words came from her in choked sobs, one after the other, strung together like a necklace of pearls. Tears mixed with the snot running from her nose as her arms were pinned above her head, held in place by someone's strong grip. She wondered that they did not simply bind her again.

The only thought was that they wanted her to try and fight back. She writhed and kicked out with her feet as her legs were grabbed and roughly jerked apart at the knee, spreading her pervertedly for their veiwing pleasure. She shivered as she felt the cold air upon her most sensitive area.

As he watched the muggle woman screaming and flailing about against those who held her, The Dark Lord smiled to himself. The circle had opened to allow his continued observation and he was pleased. The woman was pretty enough, in a mundane way. She was curvy, that was true, perhaps a bit more than most in certain areas, like her breasts, hips and arse, but then, he hardly found anorexia appealing in a woman. He rather liked the feel of a plump breast now and then. As his blood-red eyes watched the scene unfold, his hand drifted beneath his robes, cupping his crotch through his clothing. Removing his own wand from the folds of his robes with his free hand, he spoke an incantation sofly and summoned a chair from thin air, settling himself down into it's softness. The muggle bitch's fear was like an aphrodisiac. Mingled with her screams and pleas for mercy, it only heightened the Dark Lord's enjoyment.

Severus and Lucius seemed to be discussing which of them would take her first. As their rank was higher than the other Death Eaters, it was only fitting that they take her first. As for himself, Lord Voldemort would not soil himself to touch the muggle bitch, but that did not mean he wouldn't find pleasure in watching his loyal followers endulge themselves. He knew that Malfoy felt the same as he did. He'd once asked Lucius if he'd ever had a muggle before. Lucius had answered, "Of course," When Voldemort had asked him, curious, if he did not feel disgusted at touching one of them. Lucius had replied, readily enough; "My Lord, There is a huge difference between making love to someone and brutally fucking them...I keep the difference clearly in mind."

As he watched Lucius make a short bow towards Snape, he stroked his hardened cock beneath his robes, slowly drawing his hand up the length of his heated flesh and back down, relishing in the delightful sensation. He would be sure to summon one of the more attractive female Death Eaters to his chambers later on, someone who knew her way around the male form would do nicely. Smiling at the thought, he continued to fist himself as he realized that Snape and Malfoy had finally come to some sort of agreement. They were both removing their clothing, he witnessed. So, they were both about to have her, at the same time? This would be intriguing...

"Don't do this...please...please..." She tried, over and over, to beg them to reconsider, to cease before they'd started. Her shoulder-length dark red hair was mussed, with strands sticking to her cheeks due to the wetness of the tear trails left across the skin of her cheeks, "No...!" She tried to keep her eyes on everyone, but it was impossible. The dark-haired man, now as naked as she, yet he did not seem troubled by the cold, stepped behind her and placed his hands beneath her arms, lifting her into a sitting position. She struggled and tried to get away as he pulled her back onto his lap. As she felt his rigid cock against the backs of her thighs, her fear heightened and she redoubled her efforts at escaping. "Be still!" He snapped in her ear, while grasping her hips to hold her down, "Or I will be forced to remove your ablility to move on your own."

"Why not just do so now, Severus?" someone called from the ranks, and Snape sneered his answer, "Because, it's much more...satisfying when they are able to attempt to fight back. There is little sport in fucking an Immobilised victim."

She had stilled during this exchange and knew that her fate was preset. She could struggle all she wanted, it would do her no good, in the end. She was shaking with her sobs and silent tears streamed down her cheeks. She hiccuped and shook her head, turning her head to the side, she closed her eyes, not wanting to see anything while they were raping her. The man they had addressed as Lucius Malfoy pushed her knees upwards as he forced her thighs apart once more, running his hand up the inside of her thigh, towards the dark curling hairs at her center. With a startled gasp, she felt him insert first one finger and then another, pumping slowly. Against her will, she began to dampen and stifled a moan of protest. Rubbing his thumb against her blood-hardened clitoris, Malfoy continued his actions until he felt she was suitably wet. Still weeping, the woman had, none-the-less, began to react the way he knew she would. He withdrew his hand as her hips bucked towards him, spasmadically, and removed his own clothing, slowly.

Severus snaked one hand across the woman's stomach and upwards, to mold one of her soft, rounded breasts. Tweaking her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he raised his other hand from her hip to apply the same treatment to her other breast. Her skin was heated and her breath issuing in sudden gasps. She didn't want this, he knew, yet she couldn't cease her body from responding accordingly. His cock was so hard right now that it was rather painful, yet it was a delicious pain. He watched from over the woman's shoulder as Malfoy lowered himself downwards until his mouth nearly covered the woman's cunt. The muggle bitch was jerking herself toward him, eager to find release, and Severus chuckled to himself. Her keening wails issued through the night as Malfoy plied his skillful tongue in ways that made most witches jealous of his wife.

She had thrown her head back against his shoulder, Snape realized. At first he thought she was overcome with sensation. Until he saw the look in her eyes. The fear was still there, mingled with loathing for what they were doing to her. Yet, her voice did not betray her as she spoke, softly, near his ear, " me...please...don't let....Oh, god...don't...don't..." It was difficult for her to speak, Severus knew, what with Lucius lapping away hungrily at her nether regions, "...l-let them...let them do this...Please!" The last word spilled from her in a half-sob. If he were a more...kind-hearted man, Severus might have felt pity for the creature. As it was, all he felt at the moment was a mild amusement coupled with the desire to plunge inside of her wetness and spend himself.

He felt her juices trickling downwards and, as Malfoy coaxed her to orgasm with his mouth, drew his fingers beneath her to spread some of it across her arse. Without preamble, he pushed her from his lap and, as Malfoy moved away, forced her down upon hands and knees. In such a position, after pressing upwards on her stomach, with her arse in the air lewdly, her puckered anus was visable for anyone close enough to see. As she writhed and tried to crawl away, he grabbed her legs and forced her back into place, hissing at Malfoy, "You could do more than merely watch..."

"I'll give her something to do," Malfoy said, kneeling in front of her. He pressed his cock against her mouth. When she turned her face away, he jerked her back by a handful of her hair, roughly, "Suck, muggle, and be thoughough about it." He forced her lips apart and eased his cock within her mouth, "Mind the teeth..." He said, patting her head as he pumped his hips against her, his hand still wrapped about her hair, fucking her mouth slowly. Her tongue couldn't help but flick about his cock and she gagged as he rammed against her throat, not caring that he was hurting her. The other Death Eaters, most of them male, with a few females scattered here and there, laughing at the sight.

Severus smiled cruelly and inserted a finger into the tightness of her unused anus. He knew she'd never been buggered in her life. He would have to...prepare the opening. reaching a hand underneath, he stroked her clitoris, pressing a finger inside of her folds before drawing his hand between her thighs, towards her backside, spreading more of her fluids across her rear. She was crying softly as she orally stimulated his fellow Death Eater against her will. Her body jerking with the movement. Feeling that she was ready, Severus positioned himself at her pink, circular rear enterance and began to press the tip of his cock against her. He knew she felt his intention as she tried to move away. With a grunt, he pulled her back and inched his cock inside of her, feeling her spasming around him, her body trying, in vain, to expell the object it felt was strange and alien. With a sudden thrust, he impaled her from behind, her screams of agony, muffled by Malfoy's cock, rendering the air and tickling his cock and balls like nothing else. "Hurry and come, Lucius," he snapped, thrusting slowly inside of her, "I want to hear her scream as I fuck her."

She tried to pull away when she knew he was getting close to climaxing, but he held her in place and pumped inside of her mouth, with his low, drawn-out moan, her mouth was filled with his seed. Dripping from her lips, and down her chin. Lucius Malfoy withdrew from her to hold her mouth closed with one hand, telling her with a look, what he wanted her to do. Unable to do anything else, she swallowed and fought the urge to vomit. Yet, it was nothing compared to the pain in her arse. The man's cock had stretched her painfully, and the agony was unbearable. She screamed and screamed, begging him to stop...begging in vain. She glanced down and saw, in the dimness of the lanturn's glow, a trickle of blood seeping down her thighs.

Severus knew she was bleeding from his rough treatment. He grasped her hips and plunged ruthlessly forward. Using her blood as a lubricant, he continued to pump his cock inside of her, his balls touching her arse as he pulled out, only to ram himself roughly back in to the hilt. With every thrust, she screamed louder and the sound vibrated downwards, adding to his pleasure a hundred-fold. With another few jerks of his hips, he groaned and spent himself deep within her bowls, his semen mingling with her own wetness and blood to drip down the insides of her trembling thighs. Pulling his now flaccid cock from her abused arse, Severus stood and, after speaking a cleansing charm, redressed. He stepped back and fell into place near Lord Voldemort's chair, content to watch until he recovered, at which time, he would find his release within another of the muggle's orifices.

The night passed with a mixture of agony and pleasure for the helpless woman. She was forced to submit to her captors' will over and over, until her screams had died in her throat and her voice was hoarse from pleading. She was filthy, from her head to her toes, with dirt from the forest floor as well as her own blood and the mingled juices of everyone who'd abused her. Her hair hung in sticky strands across her eyes. Finally, when the last one withdrew from her swollen and bruised cunt, she waited, cringing, spread-eagled upon the forest floor, for her next tormenter. When no one stepped forward, she thought this was some new form of punishment and began to cry anew. "P-please..." she begged, for the hundredth time, "Please..." The sun was rising. She could see it's reddish fingers pushing aside the night. Someone helped her to her feet and a word was spoken. She found herself suddenly clean and redressed, her overcoat on and her pocketbook back inside her hand, clutched tightly.

Before she could do or say anything, the man called Snape grasped her arm, and she felt the strange sensation of being pressed at all angles until she had trouble breathing. She did not black out, this time, however. Finding herself back near the alleyway, he turned her about to face him. "Obliviate!" he uttered, waving his wand toward her, and her eyes hazed over. Taking this moment, he stepped back into the shadows and watched her shake her head, raise a hand to her face and rub her eyes. She looked around, blinked and shrugged. He knew she would not recall anything of the night's events. He disappareted from the area after he'd watched her walk across the street and around a corner, seeming none the worse for wear.

As Severus entered his dingy abode in Spinner's End, he warded the doors against intruders and stepped out of his robes. Walking into the bedroom, he smirked at the sight before him. "I thought you'd be up and about all ready," he said to the woman sprawled out across the sheets of his bed, "Did you stay abed just for me, pet?"

"And for me, Severus," she said, reaching out to him, "Now, come here...I've been waiting for you all night...Why do those meetings have to last so bloody long?"

"You know why, Hermione," He said, crawling into bed next to her, pulling her warm body against his own, "And you also know I am forbidden to speak of them... Now you come here."

With a giggle, the little know-it-all wrapped her arms about him and did not question him further. As he carefully, tenderly, made love to the woman he'd claimed, only a few months ago, as his own, he thought of the night's events and what a delightful Dark Revel it had been.


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