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Plot What Plot?

The Haven

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Welcome to "Plot What Plot", the place to coem to RP without the mess of getting involved in a game!

Just want to grab some action or AIM, or e-mail? Looking for some logs to read with the pairing of your choice? This is where you need to be!

Advertise yourself!
Provide everyone out there with some contact info (AIM name or an e-mail address)
List the characters you play or would like to play potentially.
Maybe talk a bit about what you're looking for!(NC-17, PWP, AU, Smut, Angst, H/C, etc)

Then come back here when you're done and post the log, share what you've been up to with everyone!

Lots of odd pairings, lots of cliched, EVERY pairing is welcome in EVERY way shape or form.

There are a few rules.....

1. No playing will actually take place in the community. Please do not start threads in plot_what_plot to play with. If you do, they'll be erased.

2. This is an open community, anyone can join, but there will be absolutely NO FLAMING WHAT SO EVER! If you flame, you're banned. No second chances or time for explanation.
If someone flames you, e-mail one of the mods with a link to where it occured and it will get taken care of immediately.

3. Please post all logs in this format:

Players: (so we can see what you can do and others can contact you if they like what they see!)

And include the actual log in a cut tag. Failure to do this will result in the post being deleted and a comment being sent to you to fix it.

4. Feel free to also post your own fanfiction, or fanfiction req's in the same format as the logs.

If you need to get in contact with the moderators of the community feel free!

Vincents Ear- vincents_ear@sympatico.ca
Skye- beckyhoadley@hotmail.com