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I'm back with another heapin' helpin' of Severus Snape smut. This time, though, all parties involved are ready and willing. Hence; no rape warnings this time around. I hope you all enjoy this one! I wrote it especially for the Severus/Hermione 'shippers.

Warning(s): Light bdsm, voyeursm.

Disclaimer Thing: The Harry Potter-verse belongs solely to J.K. Rowling. I merely enjoy wandering through her world and wrecking fictional havoc...

Beetle on the Wall
By Ami E. Bowen

She told herself it was for the article. That was all it was for, really. Anything to get the scoop. It wasn't as if she had not attempted to obtain an interview with the man. As it happened, she had sought a word or two with him for the paper several times. Several times he'd flatly refused her. She wasn't one to be put off. Rita Skeeter hadn't earned the reputation of being one of the wizarding world's most persistant reporters for nothing! She was putting together a very interesting article revolving around the staff of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Most of the instructors had given her a few moments of their time, for which she was grateful. She had only one Professor left to interview. Professor Severus Snape. Thus far, he'd proved nearly as impossible to corner as a zooming golden snitch. But, she was nothing if not determined. Rita had had little trouble trailing him at a distance. Being an insect animagi did have it's advantages, after all. A week passed. Another. Buzzing about the corridors, she flitted along, pretending interest in a sputtering candle, behaving as any mundane bug would. She noticed him heading for his private chambers and followed him downwards into the musty, dank dungeons, flittering above the cold stone steps.

She heard him mutter his password and quickly memorized it, smiling to herself. She buzzed around for a few moments than flew off, purposely flying into a wall to add to the act that she was nothing more than your every day run-of-the-mill beetle. She hoped he'd not catch on as she rubbed her bruised nose with a feeler. She waited until the next day, when she knew he'd have class, to venture back towards his rooms. Altering her shape into her human form, she uttered the password, gladdened and relieved to see that he'd not changed it. So, that meant he wasn't on to her then! Wonderful! She stepped into the room and glanced around, shoving her glasses back up the bridge of her nose as she did so. Hmm, she thought, taking out her pen and parchment of paper, dark, dingy, all together depressive.

Perfect! She scribbled quickly; "Professor Snape's private chambers seem to reflect the man as a person...intimidating...dim...dreary...and...." she paused, chewing on the end of her pen, and noticed all the bottles stacked nilly-willy all over the place. Actually, no, she adjusted her opinion. They were not stacked nilly-willy. Everything had a place. Organization amongst chaos, she'd once heard the term and thought it worked quite well. She penned that down for later use.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard the door rattle from the outside. Glancing around in sudden terror at being caught trespassing, instinctively, she changed her shape and flew into an alcove near one the many cluttered shelves. Hidden behind a bottle of something red and glowing, she was out of sight of anyone in the room. Yet, she noticed as she peered out from the corner, brushing away an old cobweb, she had a wonderful view of the entire room and anyone who happened to be within. Watching from her height, she saw Professor Snape enter the room.

"We only have a few moments..." Damn, he wasn't alone? Rita smiled inwardly. This would be perfect for her article... A million ideas swam through her head as to who might be his company this afternoon. She was not prepared for what she saw or heard next. "Severus, please..." Why did that voice sound so familar? Rita craned her neck to see and saw light brownish curls bouncing into the room behind him. Bloody Hell, was that...? "Just shut up and come here!"

As Rita watched, Professor Snape gathered the young woman into his arms, enfolding her within his dark, billowing cloak so that she was nearly hidden within the folds of the material. Bending down slightly, he touched his mouth to hers, sucking gently upon her bottom lip as her arms wound thier way upwards, about his neck. Her fingers dived into his hair as she pressed herself against him, murmuring low against his mouth. Rita was blinking in shock at the sight below her. Professor Snape and...and...

"Hermione..." Professor Snape sighed against the creamy paleness of the woman's throat, "If you insist on snogging me like that, we'll never make it to the bed..."

"Oh, Professor!" Hermione giggled, grinding herself against him as he held her, "I've been a naughty little Gryffindor....don't you think I merit a punishment...?"

"You little minx!" he growled against her, and as Rita watched, hidden, in horror, he swept her up into his arms and carried her over to the large, four-poster bed. Dropping her down upon it, he ordered, "Undress, Miss Granger. You shall recieve your punishment post haste." Rita couldn't help but begin to feel a little...uncomfortable. After all, sneaking into someone's chambers with the expectation of gaining information for a news article was one thing. Being an accident witness to, what was proving a very intimate moment, was quite another all together.

She should buzz on out of there while their attention was on each other, she thought. So, then, why wasn't she buzzing? Why did the sight of Professor Snape's form, undressed and pale as moonlight as he crawled onto the bed towards Hermione Granger, cause such a heat to flash through her? Gods, she thought, she'd never realized it... the man was breathtaking. Not handsome in the traditional sense, no. But, she had to admit, he was attractive in a dark, dangerous, bad-boy way.

With one swift movement, Professor Snape had grabbed the now-as-naked-as-the-day-she-was-born Hermione into his arms and flipped her over his lap, " many points should I take out of you today, Miss Granger?" he pretended to contempulate the question, when she didn't answer, only writhed on his lap, he smirked, "Ah! I should think twenty will do!" Rita was writhing herself, as she watched, wishing she were the one in Hermione's place. Gods, this was torture, this watching... "Twenty!?" Hermione squealed, "But, Professor...!" Professor Snape hushed her with a loud, open-handed smack upon her posterier. She gasped and he said, warningly, "Shall we go for thirty, Miss Granger?"

"N-no, sir..." Hermione said, and Rita watched as her pert little bottom was redded by his hand. She wriggled in place, imagining it was her own arse being abused and sighed to herself. She really would have to try to get him alone sometime. At twenty, he stopped and caressed her with his hand, his touch gentle as he soothed away the sting from the blows and dipped his fingers beneath her, to feel how dampened she'd become during the course of the 'punishment'. "Well, Miss Granger," he said, still keeping his tone stern, even as his own arousal was apparent from the way his cock pressed against her stomach, "It would seem that this punishment has excited are soaking wet. What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?"

"I can't help it, sir!" she cried, wriggling on his lap. Rita heard his groan of pleasure as she moved against him, and Hermione turned her pretty little face to gaze up at Professor Snape's, "I need you...sir..."

"What do you need me to do, Miss Granger?" Professor Snape asked, cocking one dark brow at her. Rita realized that he'd not stopped stroking her wetness. He went on in a low, husky tone, "There are several things...I could you right now...."

"First," Hermione said, sliding off his lap and kneeling before him on the bed, a wicked smile flitting across her lips, "There's something I want to do to you..."

Rita leaned as far off the edge as she could for a better look at what was going on below on that bed. She was so going to need some time alone after she got out of here...
Hermione giggled again, which, Rita knew, was so unlike her, and leaned down to suck Professor Snape's cock into her mouth. Rita watched as Professor Snape threw back his head, his dark eyes half-lidded and his mouth open slightly as pleasure swam across his features, softening them for the first time Rita had ever witnessed. His hand were clutching at the sheets on either side of him while the little know-it-all was slurping away at his member as if it were the most delicious lolipop she'd ever encountered.

"H-Hermione...." he gasped, forgetting to call her by her last name, while her browish curls bobbed, "S-stop...if you don't want me to..." Twining his long fingers through her hair, he lifted her gently from him, his precum smeared upon her lips and drew a finger across her mouth. She smiled and sucked at this index finger, licking off the droplet. "There's a much better place I would rather spend myself," he said, flipping her over onto the bed and leaning over her. He captured her mouth beneath his own, and Rita wondered if he could taste his own juices upon Hermione's tongue.

He licked and nibbled his way down her body, sucking upon her throat before moving downwards. His hands were busy as well, teasing and tweaking her nipples before his mouth claimed first one and then the other, biting just hard enough to hear her moans and feel her body moving beneath his touch. His hands, as Rita sighed and felt hersef growing more and more aroused, had difted downwards to play amongst the soaked dark curls at the apex of Hermione's thighs. The woman parted her legs willingly and cried out his name as his fingers found her sweet spot with realitive ease.

"Oh, S-Severus... please..." she gasped, bucking her hips towards his hand, "P-please..." He gazed at her through eyes darkened with passion, "Please...what, exactly, Miss Granger?" So, Rita thought, it was back to 'Miss Granger'. My, weren't they the kinky couple? "I...I need" Rita saw the flush pass across Hermione's face and almost felt sorry for her. Almost. After all, it was she who was recieving the shag of her life and Rita who was stuck watching, although, as Professor Snape moved between Hermione Granger's spread legs, she did have a very nice view of his backside.

"Do you want...this?" Professor Snape said, and pushed Hermione's legs upwards, lifting her bottom off the bed a few inches, and ran his tongue across her blood-engorged clitoris, "Or this?" he sat up and rubbed the tip of his rigid cock against her swollen pussy lips, wetting it with her juices, "Or...would you prefer something else?" he ran a finger around towards her backside, pressing it against her anus and she squealed in protest, trying to move away. His low, amused chuckle rose towards Rita, "I thought not, Miss Granger. I could always transfigure my wand into something akin to a vibrator and finish you off that way..."

"Oh, just shut up, Severus!" Hermione cried, dropping his title altogether, "Just shut up and fuck me! I don't want your bloody wand, I want you! I want that hard cock of yours inside of me, right now, before I go crazy!"

"Tsk, tsk! Hermione," he mock chastised her, teasing her folds with his hardness, "Such talk. And from a Head Girl, no less... What do you think Potter or Weasely would think if they heard you talking in such a manner?"

"I could give a fig!" she cried, and jerked her hips upwards, "Please, Severus... stop teasing...I'm begging you..."

"Are you?" he asked, holding her by her hips to keep her steady, "That hardly sounds convincing to me..."

"Severus!" Hermione gasped and cried at the same time, and grabbed his arms, pulling him downwards, on top of her. She wrapped her legs about his waist and held tight, "PLEASE!" The word was torn from her throat amidst a sob of frustration, and, as Rita wondered if he would continue the torment, he reached between them to better position himself at her enterence. With a single thrust, he'd embedded himself within the trembling woman. "Oh, Gods, Severus...Yes..." Hermione moaned loudly, scratching her nails down his back as he pumped slowly inside of her, his face screwed into an expression of intensity that Rita found extremely inticing. She would be seeing that face, that expression, in her dreams that night, she knew. "S-Severus..." Hermione continued to call his name, her hands drifting from his back to clutch at his shoulders and then rake through his hair.

"C-call" he gasped, as he grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head on the mattress, " my title..."

"Sev-Oh, Professor!" Hermione squealed, her eyes widening a bit at the command, "D-Don't stop...please..."

Rita knew that he had no intention of stopping. With a growl, Professor Snape pushed harder against his lover, pounding into her ruthlessly. Hermione screamed her pleasure as her small breasts bounced with every thrust, her legs tight about his waist. He hushed her cries with his mouth, kissing her with a savage urgency that made Rita's jealousy of the woman beneath him spring up ten-fold. Why did it have to be the most annoying student Hogwarts had ever seen...that Rita had ever seen...writhing in sexual bliss beneath him? Rita wondered, as another stab of envy caused her to wince. "You've...been a very naughty Gryffindor...haven't you?" he asked, his voice husky, as she whimpered and met his thrusts with her own,

"Answer me, Miss. Granger!" he puncuated the last word with a particularily rough jerk of his hips against her own. "Y-yes...Professor Snape..." she replied, though Rita could tell it was difficult for her to speak, "I'm so naughty! Oh, Professor...I'm such a bad, bad Gryffindor..."

Professor Snape was smirking, though all Rita could see of him was the back of his dark, oily head. "You shall be chastised severly for your misbehavior, Miss Granger..." he said, softly, almost a whisper, into her ear, causing her to shiver beneath him, "Keep that in mind..." he finished, and drew his teeth across the softness of her throat, biting down slightly, and then soothing the mark with a swipe of his tongue. Rita observed as he quickened his pace, a gutteral sound escaping his throat as he stiffened above Hermione, his face pressed against the sweat-damped hair spread out upon the pillow beneath her. Rita saw his hands tighten upon Hermione's wrists for a moment as his climax reached it's zenith.

Withdrawing from her, Professor Snape moved downwards and began to lap at the sensitive skin of her pussy, tasting himself as he dipped his tongue within her folds, feeling her wriggling in please at his ministrations. Rita's eyes flicked upwards to the look of pure, animal lust plastured across Hermione's face. Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed and a moan was issuing from a half-opened mouth. Even though he no longer held her, Hermione hadn't dropped her arms from where they rested above her head. The position caused her breasts to appeared rounded, fuller and her pink-tinged nipples pointed upwards.

"Oh, Sev...Professor..." Hermione cried, her legs spread wide as Professor Snape lapped hungrily at her center, eagerly, "I'm...I'm...Oh, Gods..." with a sudden shuddering scream, Rita knew that Hermione had just reached the pinnacle of her lust. Hermione's hips continued to move, instinctively, as she rode the wave of her bliss back down and sighed as her lover lifted his head to lock his gaze with her own.

"Hermione..." her name was an intake of breath upon his lips, faint, and full of dark emotion she had only one answer to. She pulled him upwards and he rained kisses upon her face, ending at her mouth, which he plundered with a tenderness that would have shocked anyone else. In fact, Rita was more than shocked. After what seemed hours, but of course it could only have been a few moments, Professor Snape moved away from Hermione Granger and picked up his wand from where he'd left it on the bedside table. After uttering a cleansing spell, he flicked the tip of his wand towards Hermione and then, again, at himself.

Donning his robes and black frock coat, he didn't waste time drawing each button through it's loop by hand, but muttered another spell and the garment was buttoned automatically, magically. "You should think about getting dresed, yourself," he glanced at her, gathering up his wand and casting the unlock spell upon his chamber door, "Don't you have a class in the next quarter-hour?"

"Hmm?" Hermione sighed, stretching like a feline, naked upon his bed, "Yes, yes, I do...drat! I can't wait until the end of the term..."

Rita watched as Hermione drew her own clothing and robes back on, brushed out her hair, wound it up and pinned it back into a rather messily-created bun atop her head. As Professor Snape held the door open for her, Rita sighed to herself, mentally preparing herself to escape when the chance arose. However, as he whispered something to Hermione and patted her on the backside, she froze when he turned and strode back inside the room, closing the door after Hermione had disappeared around a corner.

Standing still in the center of the room, Professor Snape rised his dark gaze upwards slowly, purposefully, and cast his glance upon each of the bottles and phials upon the shelf Rita perched upon in turn. Her heart was pounding by time he'd landed those eyes upon her and she had the distinctive urge to scuttle away into a knothole within the wood. With his arms crossed over his chest, Professor Snape barked, "It is no use hiding, Miss. Skeeter. I know you're up there."

Rita paled, or would have, had she been in human form. How long had he known...? As if in reply to her unspoken query, he smirked up at her and said, in a voice that sent chills down her spine, "I've known you were there from the moment I entered the room. Did you think I wouldn't know when there is an intruder present?" he added, "You might as well transform right now...I won't be leaving this room with you still within." Rita cursed under her breath and flew down from the alcove. She really had no choice, after all. She transformed into human as her feet touched the ground and pushed her glasses back up where they'd slipped down her nose once more, "Professor Snape," she began, "You see...I was trying to..."

She flushed as she recalled what she'd just witnessed and he glowered down at her, clearly enjoying her embarrassment at being caught. "Get 'the scoop' as you would so charmingly put it?" he suggested and she shrugged, chewed the quill which had suddenly emerged within her grasp, "You understand, do you not, that I would like to keep...certain things...private?" she nodded, all the while her brain was tracking down the sales of her paper should she go ahead and write about 'The Good Professor Snape and his Steamy Dalliances'. However, she knew from past experience that writing without the express permission of her subjects was a very, very bad idea. "Of...of course, Professor," she said, smiling sweetly and reaching up to touch her soft blonde curls, "What you and...Hermione..."

"Professor Granger." he insisted and she nodded, continueing, "...what you and Professor Granger do is your own business...however..."

Professor Snape frowned, and Rita knew that he realized what she was about to say. Perhaps this was the chance she'd been searching for. "However," she went on, still sucking a bit at the quill between her words, "We could come to some sort of...compromise, Professor...?"

"I am assuming you are refering to the interview I have not seen fit to grant you?" he asked, and was rewarded by her slight nod. She cleared her throat and plunged ahead, "I would also love it if you....and Professor Granger join me tonight, at the Three Broomsticks, for a drink..." She smiled at his somewhat startled expression and used that moment to brush passed him and let herself out, transforming as she went. He could hear the distinictive murmur of her wings as she flew away down the corridor.

He thought of the woman he'd just taken in his bed and then of the woman who'd been watching and how she really wasn't all that unattractive. He thought, as he recovered his composure, could it be that there was more to her offer of a drink than strictly gaining an interview from him? As his tongue swiped his upper lip in thought, the corners of his mouth turned upwards slightly as he considered the possibilities...


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