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Hey peeps. I'm a virgin to this, but have always wanted to try... (shrugs) what the hell, eh? :D

msn: glitterescence@hotmail.com
@: glitterescence@hotmail.com

Characters you have or will play: Draco, Harry, boy!Blaise, MWPP!Remus, MWPP!Sirius, Theodore Nott

Your preferred pairing or pairings: Harry/Draco, Draco/Harry, boy!Blaise/Harry, Draco/boy!Blaise, Remus/Harry, Sirius/Harry, Remus/Sirius, Theo/Draco, Theo/boy!Blaise, Sirius/Draco

Kinks you would like to see role played: Fight-sex, Prefect Bathroom!sex, bottom!draco (esp. if it's a h/d fic), I have a weird fetish for hurt/comfort and being a sub, rain!sex, anal/cunnilingus... any suggestions are welcome...

Squicks, kinks or characters that you do not want to see: no toys, no underage (17+, kids), no threesomes with Snape, no MarySues please, no 'pants' or American lingo...

Method you prefer for roleplay: msn, or by email.

thankies :D
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