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found all of this interesting...hell...figured i'd go for it. :D

AIM SN: jinxed940
Yahoo! ID:
MSN username:
Email: thedib13@yahoo.com

Characters you have or will play: Hmm.. Ron, Fred and/or George, Tom Riddle, Seamus Finnegan, Neville, maybe Draco or Ginny. If I know enough about a character, I'm usually comfortable playing them. No Snape or Lucius, though.

Your preferred pairing or pairings (try to list a few here) FW/GW, RW/FW/GW, R/D, RW/SF

Kinks you would like to see role played: Well...I'm actually an incest lover. Twincest more likely. Anything with Weasleys. Really...I'm not sure. I'll go along with just about anything if the person I'm role playing with is doing a good job. I almost always take the submissive role.

Squicks, kinks or characters that you do not want to see: Harry/Draco. NO. Meh. Otherwise...I'm not extremely picky. No Hagrid...male pregnancy...house elves...or sex toys, please.

Method you prefer for roleplay: (AIM, MSN, etc) AIM

When you can usually be found: Usually, on and off (mostly on) after around four. I stay on until 10-10:30 at the latest. I'm not busy in the winter.
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